May 30, 2011

Trolleys, Airplanes and Cows - oh my!

On Saturday, I ventured out with a couple of friends to the San Antonio Children's Museum. I've never been there before, but the tickets were free and I thought it would be fun to do something out of the ordinary with Tommy.

There were trolleys to steer.
And phone calls to make.

We took a ride on a real airplane.
I made a new friend. (o:
And so did Tommy.
We did some shopping. (And I loved this store because an entire cart of food only cost us $178,000 of imaginary money - according to the checkout girl).
And then we did some cooking. Broccoli, sausage and corn - quite a combo.
Sadly, our experience was a bit tainted by all of the bigger kids running around. Tommy was pushed and shoved (right in front of me) and things were grabbed and taken away from him (also right in front of me!). My inner mama-bear came out and I couldn't understand how older children can be so blatantly mean to kids who are obviously smaller than them. My poor baby couldn't understand why he couldn't play or why things were being taken away from him. I was in tears by the time we left because I couldn't explain why he couldn't do what he wanted.

I think we will try to go back on a weekday morning maybe when it's quieter and less crowded. We did have some moments of fun there though - super fun place to play.

What do you do when you're in a public place with bigger kids who don't play nice?


  1. UGH I hate when that happens. My boy is way bigger than a lot of kids his age always were too so they'd THINK he was older but of course he didn't act it. I'd have to tell other kids he was only __ old so they need to treat him that way and be nice.

  2. I took the girls to the NB Children's Museum and when Allie got close to a boy who had about 8 trains, his grandma pointed to the other side of the track (about 10 feet away) and told Allie to go over there and play with those trains. Ok, good job teaching your grandchild to share. Also, please don't direct my three-year-old to go off on her own. Overall though, everyone was really nice there and I'd highly recommend it! I may get passes so we can spend lots of time there this summer.