January 24, 2012


Rain softly hitting the roof and the windows. And being alone so it's quiet enough to hear every drop of a rain shower.

Tommy's big laughs. The kind that is so contagious that gets me laughing too. I'm pretty sure his laughter is what joy sounds like.

Ocean waves. Wave after wave crashing one on top of the other, making a beautiful noise like an endless song. I love that it's never still and always going.

Auntie Laura's singing voice. Fluid and calm, like water.

The many crackles and snaps of a wood burning fire.

Fingers moving along the frets of an acoustic guitar. It makes a particular sound and anytime I hear it, I see my dad's face no matter who is playing.

Cold fronts blowing through trees, shaking leaves to the ground.

Music. All music - loud, soft, hard, jazzy, old, new, classical, funky, sweet, angry, sad, worshipful. How it all resonates with different parts of my soul.

Autumn leaves crunching underneath my feet.

Pouring hot coffee into my favorite mug. How it sounds like comfort, warmth and cozy.

Tick-tocks of the many clocks at my Grammy's house. Time passes by more slowly when you can hear the seconds go by in the stillness sitting on her sofa with her sweet face staring back in to your own.

And the breath of a new baby. When you are holding new life in your arms, when only a week ago, he was tucked away safely in his mother's womb. Little grunts and sighs and yawns and quiet coo's of a tiny one, newly born.How watching him sleep and listening to him softly breathe in and out feels like the best thing you've done all day long.
I held my new nephew in my arms last night for the first time. Newborns make the best sounds and Cameron is no exception - he makes excellent newborn sound effects. They made me want to smile and cry and sigh all at the same time.

Today, I'm feeling grateful to be able to hear and listen and be moved by the sounds around me.


  1. i just love your posts. so beautiful, real and refreshing.

    your nephew is beautiful! congratulations!

    and i loved this line the most:

    "Tommy's big laughs. The kind that is so contagious that gets me laughing too. I'm pretty sure his laughter is what joy sounds like."

    i feel the same way about Sean's laughter.

  2. I just love new babies! My favorite stage :)

  3. Awww! What a cute baby! The picture of him yawning made me yawn, lol!

  4. Being quiet long enough to really hear the wonder around us. This was nice Jenn. A very rich post.. And how your family has grown and changed ... Full of blessings. Congratulations auntie. I like the name Cameron.