November 13, 2012

Tommy and his box

It's quite true, I believe, that a box is always better than any toy that could come inside of it.  Though last night's box didn't contain a toy, but his little brother's crib bedding that was finally delivered, it brought us an hour's worth of fun together before bedtime.

We colored on it and pretended it was a fort.  He would jump out and "scare" me.
 It was as if I'd given him a playground in our very own living room.
 Boxes have a way of bringing out the innocent and silly and imagination in all of us.  And Tommy was no exception.
As he giggled and laughed and played and invented new games with this silly old box, my mother's heart felt full, as it if might burst open with gratefulness at the realization of how blessed I am.  With all the complaining I can sometimes do about all that I don't have, I often find myself humbled when I realize that God gifted me with my son - this miracle of life.  And now, another one on the way, another miracle of life.  It was easy to imagine two little boys playing box games and giggling and wondering how on earth my heart will be able to contain as much joy as that scene could possibly hold for me.
When there is nothing else on the agenda but playing with boxes and being silly and laughing together....those are some of the sweetest moments of being a mom.  Some days are hard and full of snot or poop or fussy babies.  When you want to get away from it all and have a margarita with your girlfriends and pretend that motherhood isn't that hard - because oh, I've had those days and I'm sure I'll have them again.  But other days, moments like Tommy and I shared last night, they're like a gift.  Special moments that make motherhood and raising children not just worth it, but so much fun.  So wonderful and rewarding.  They are little nuggets of abundant life that I will cherish for always.
I hope your day is full with imagination and silly and laughter.  Even if you don't have a three year old around, there's a three year old in all of us waiting to come out and play.


  1. he's so precious & such a big boy!

  2. Aww! If only a box could make everyone this happy!