December 30, 2011

The Year that I Lived

As I've spent some time reflecting on this past year, I've been aware of how many glorious moments it contained. A lot of my life has been lived small or just in survival mode. But, it's been evident that a lot of this year was lived in more freedom and joy and abandon than ever before. As I look back, it feels like there are a lot of highlights.

This year, I....

Got a new car.
Played in the "snow."
Changed the name of my blog.
Started seeing a new therapist for my eating disorder.
Celebrated my Grammy's 75th and my dad's 50th birthdays.
Got my third tattoo.
Stopped hating myself.
Turned 30 and had the best party of my life.
Played with my son.
Saw my favorite musical - West Side Story.
Let God in to the closed off places in my heart.
Purchased the best Steve Madden sandals in the entire world.
Put Tommy into daycare once a week so I could work more.
Went to Michigan and attended the training for My Journey Continues.
Slayed a dragon.
Danced - really danced - for the first time in my entire life.
Enjoyed a season of celebration.
Came alive to my longings for another baby.
Made new friends in old and familiar faces from my past.
Said goodbye to my sister-in-law.
Got a tan.
Bought and wore my first pair of shorts in 4 years.
Celebrated one year at my job.
Wore a fun dress.
Became members of our church.
Asked questions I never thought I would ask.
Entered into a desert. But with God by my side.
Visited with my Auntie and said goodbye again.
Threw the best 2 year old party for Tommy.
Reached out and asked for help.
Put Tommy in a big-boy bed and put the crib away.
Stuck my toes in the sand at the beach.
Welcomed my best friend's new baby into the world.
Said goodbye to Hunter and welcomed him back home again.
Endured a horrible drought and wildfires very close to home.
Rejoiced over Gramma's successful stint surgery.
Missed my mom.
Decided to put the shovel down.
Discovered Pinterest.
Started hosting a Red Tent dinner.
Said goodbye to dear friends and pushed into that loss.
Led a Grace Group at a new church.
Tried new recipes.
Found my new hobby - wreath making.
Enjoyed Friday mornings rituals of waffles and Sesame Street with Tommy.
Got butterflies.
Took action on places I felt convicted by God.
Practiced "agape" kind of love.
Was honest.
Stopped trying to understand.
Was filled with peace.
Potty-trained my son.
Celebrated Halloween.
Carved a super awesome pumpkin.
Set new boundaries.
Built my first blanket fort with Tommy.
Baked my first real apple pie.
Had the most wonderful Thanksgiving ever.
Stopped being angry at God.
Was humbled.
Got a cute short haircut.
Took a carriage ride in downtown San Antonio.
Baked cookies with Tommy.
Was honest with myself.

2011 wasn't the year that I got pregnant or paid off all of our debt or went on a fabulous vacation or lost all the weight I wanted to...
But it was the year that I lived.

And if you haven't had enough of my year, I made a silly little slideshow to watch. Please forgive the lame music. The website I used didn't allow for much creativity on the music front! But I wanted some kind of fun montage of 2011.

My hope for the year ahead is that the pattern will continue. That I will continue to make the choice to live. To be be kind to myself and others. To fight, to dance, to laugh, to grieve, to feel, and to walk closely with my Savior who is the One who has freed me to live.

Happy New Year.


  1. "Slow and steady wins the race!".....Thank you for sharing your upward are an amazing encourager...and you probably didn't even know it! Happy New Year!!

  2. Hey there!
    Found the blog sort of randomly a few days (weeks?) ago. This post is an exciting one! I just got back from a road trip and at the end I listed all the things I did on that trip which I had never done before (thats a different blog than my new blogspot one, but its if you care to see it). It's fun to see all the ways in which you've changed or grown, particularly when they're in the positive. I like many of the things you've managed to do this year, especially those things which strengthened you as a person. congratulations, and here's to a wonderful 2012

  3. Powerful words and touching post. I really enjoyed reading this and can relate with you on so many of these and by the way, I love West Side Story too:-)

  4. Wow! Looks like you definitely packed a lot into your year! I have never seen West Side Story live, sadly. :(

  5. Growing closer to God is the most important thing ever and I'm still working on it and I'm a lot older than you! Your post was very inspiring.